Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day #6, August 1st, Wednesday

6:45 wakeup call again.  Breakfast, devotions and on to a new area.  My day started a little icky.  I struggled with a little diarrhea.  Cam said he is too.  By the time we left though for Guandoles I was feeling a bit better.  Adam though has come down with an upper respiratory bug.  He has a fever and just yucky feeling.  We've prayed a lot for him and now Ravyn isn't feeling well either.  Lots of prayers going up on their behalf.  We got to Guandoles and we were one translator short.  Mark looked at me, gave me a thumbs up and said, "You can do it Tonya," in a very encouraging way.  We had just had a conversation about my fear of speaking fluently this morning and how I don't like to be wrong.  I thought I was going to throw up when he asked me to do it though!  He sent me out with Pastor Octavio, Milagros, Cam and the Olivers (minus Adam and Jennifer).  The first house was very hard for me, but as we went from house to house it did get easier and I started feeling more confident.  2 houses out of 4 that we visited really stood out to me.  The second one we came to the woman said she understood the gospel, but wasn't ready to accept Christ.  However, her sister came over as we were done praying and said her mom was very sick and her husband needed work.  She was crying.  So we all laid hands on her and prayed and I even cried.  The third house had a Christian woman there and her family.  She had a bad leg, some paralysis so she couldn't go to church.  She showed us her leg and it looked very bad.  We laid hands on her and prayed and then asked if we could come back tomorrow to treat her leg.  She cried, I cried, we all cried.  It was a great experience, but I really hope I don't have to translate again tomorrow.  I got a terrible headache from the stress and hard thinking!

We came home for lunch, got stuff for VBS ready and I laid down while Cam and some others went to the store.  Cam brought me back two cold waters and some Oreos!  YUM!  What a good boy!  Then we headed back to Huatico for VBS.  It had been raining since lunch though and it was coming down hard.  So very few kids were there.  We opted not to do the VBS story which was our groups.  We will do it tomorrow because it is the Prodigal Son and we want everyone to hear it as it is the Salvation Story.  Jenn, Cam, Wayne and I took the bus to the little boys house with the badly burned foot.  We got a bucket and cleaned his foot with clean water and alcohol swabs, then put triple antibiotic on it and wrapped it up.  We took him and his 2 sisters back on the bus to VBS.  Jenn and I couldn't get the youngest girl (about 2) or the boy (Joel) to smile.  Nicole the oldest smiled a lot.  Finally we took their picture and showed them and THEN they smiled!  We took them back to their house on the bus again when it was time to leave as it was still raining.

We came home and ate and debriefed.  Since it was still raining, the outdoor church service here in San Juan was cancelled.  Miguel stayed with us though.  Some of us have been having trouble with our children not talking to us or opening up during family time, so we did something a little different and broke into gender groups.  Boys outside with Miguel and the other men, and the girls inside with the women.  Us girls had great talks.  We spoke together well over an hour.  When we were done the boys were STILL going!  I hope they are able to pull something out of Cam because I sure can't.

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