Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day #7, August 2nd, Thursday

We woke up at 6:45 again.  Had breakfast and we were off by 9.  We headed back to Los Guandules.  This is a poorer community then Huatico, but not as poor as Cerros de Mogollon.  Wayne and I had all of our first aid supplies.  We went first to the leg lady house.  We cleaned out her wound and treated it the best we could.  It is bad though.  I really feel like she's going to lose that leg if it doesn't heal.  We prayed over her and then went to Santa's house.  Santa is a diabetic who can't afford meds.  Pastor Octavio had a bunch of meds though that a medical missions trip left for him.  He asked if we would look at them for her the night before.  So we compared what he had to her old ones.  But they don't give boxes or bottles here.  They just get a packet and on the back it MIGHT say what it is if you're lucky.  We couldn't find an exact match so we told her we would let the pastor know.  I wasn't feeling well after awhile a very serious headache.  Almost a migraine.  While waiting for the others, Jenn and I sat with our feet in the water of a canal that the kids were swimming in.  That seemed to help a little...maybe I was getting overheated.  I took a short nap and ate some lunch when we got back and was feeling a little better by the time we left to visit Cerros de Mogollon.  

I LOVE these people.  I was so happy that we got to visit them if only for an hour.  We saw Abuela as soon as we got off the bus and Jenn and I took off running to her.  She recognized us immediately and threw her arms open!  We hugged and I gave her some pictures from last year.  Then I saw Yolandre.  I ran to him and he let me hold him.  He was pretty young last year I wasn't sure if he would remember me, but then he asked for the Orange ball which he and I had played with last year, so I knew he remembered!  I was so excited!  We played with him awhile then we sat and talked to Abuela a little longer.  Then we sang songs and we had to say our goodbyes again.  :-(  

After that we headed out to Huatico for our VBS.  It was our VBS day.  We had the Prodigal Son story.  Adam was still sick and John stayed home with him and it was the Fillemans and the Olivers story, so we had to mix things up a bit.  I was the narrator and Cam was the Prodigal Son, Wayne took over as the dad.  We all had fun with it.  Before that though we went to Joel and Nicoles house to walk them to VBS.  They were SO excited to see us.  We carried Joel on Cam's back to the church and once there, we retreated his foot which looked 100 times better.  God is so good in answering prayers!  I just hope he can keep it clean so it will fully heal.  They live in an old abandoned billards building.  It is one big room, but they have sheets hung up in the middle of the room to divide it into two rooms.  It has a concrete floor but the ONLY things in there are two beds.  Nothing else.  After the story we took the kids back to their house an said goodbye to all of the kids as it was the last VBS.  We'd be back for another church service Friday night though.  Pastor Octavio decided to not do his San Juan service as it was sprinkling.  So we just hung out at the house after dinner.  I forgot to tell you though....the first day we were here we were eating chicken and Miguel found a chicken foot in his.  He asked if anyone wanted to eat it.  Trevor and Cam of course both ate a finger!  ICK!

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