Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day Nine, Friday, 7-29-11

I got a bucket shower last night, so I didn't take one tonight. I am told we are in a nicer hotel tomorrow night....well...nicer than bucket hopefully I can shower there, if not , I'll be home soon enough.

So today, was yet another concrete day. All the boys and two girls did concrete in the heart of Mogollon, not Cerros De Mogollon, just Mogollon. Like we aren't in just San Juan...we are in San Juan De Maguana. So, right down the street from the church, they did two houses. In the meantime, the rest of us formed three teams. One team stayed at the church to welcome children that the other two teams would get. I was on a team with Payton and Brooke with Hector as our translator. Daniel, Morris and Noidice went camping. First we saw the pregnant woman in the street we hugged her and apologized for not returning yesterday like we thought we would. Then we stopped at another three or four houses to invite the children. After this we stopped at an itty bitty house with a tall, beautiful mother and two equally tall and beautiful children. We sat and talked with her for awhile, she started crying. I hugged her, gave her a kleenix and said, "digeme". She said she was ashamed of her house and how they live. We told her the Lord provides and all the gold and silver she could ever need or want are in heaven where Jesus is, building her a mansion. Hector told her that. He is so bright beyond his seventeen years. We hugged her and went to one last house. The tall woman attended the church and was a christian. So we didn't do the gospel presentation with her, but we did pray with her. At the next house the woman was not a Christian. So after talking with her for awhile we shared the gospel presentation and my testimony. She wasn't ready to accept Christ yet though. We prayed with her and went back to the church.

Today was an incredibly hot day. The church has no fans and no air movement. It was not comfortable at all. We did a story, songs and craft with the twenty two kids that showed up....but then Adam showed up. We call him Adam because this man never wears clothes. He is completely naked. So we closed the doors so the young ladies wouldn't have to see. Jen and I walked over to the well where Hector was helping a girl fetch water and he walked us to the house where they were pouring concrete. They don't like the women to walk around alone....we have to have a man with us at all times. Cam was just standing around...he did not want to be there. We caught Miguel who took all the ladies home to clean the house, since we are leaving tomorrow. The guys stayed until two pm. We came home, ate, packed, and cleaned the whole house. It was excrutiatingly hot. We got it done though. Then Jen and I took our daily siesta. We woke up around 4:15 when the Dominican Rising students came to sell their homemade stuff for a fundraiser for their trip to Cuba. It is a one month missions trip into hostile territory. So I bought myself two bracelets, some pure brown sugar, and pure vanilla. Cam bought one bracelet and a necklace. Then the Dominican Rising students told us about their upcoming trip. Then Miguel and Kristen treated us to pizza! It was really not very good, but it was different then the normal yucca, carne and plaintins. Then we heard Kristens testimony and had ice cream that they brought for us. After, we started a game of Rage, but had to end early as it was debrief time. W did some of the encouragement cards and then heard three testimonies. I had done mine. Several nights ago. It was hard, they all prayed for me and my family. I have been so blessed with a wonderful new group of friends. I don't know how I ever survived without them. After that it was finish packing and then off to bed. We were going to watch the sunrise on Miguels property at 5:55, but it stormed hard again tonight, so we thought it would be too muddy to get out there. Instead we will sleep a little longer, then Miguel is going to give us some rides on his motorcycle. We have to leave this incredible city at 8:30 and we will be leaving my heart behind as well.

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