Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday, Day 11, 7/31/2011

We woke up at 4:30 am.  Yuck!  I went and tapped on Jen and Taylers door to wake them, then got Cam up, got ready and we were in the lobby by 5:15.  We exchanged our money, then were on the bus for the 30 minute ride to the airport.  The drive was nice.  We saw a lot more of the history and then half the drive was a coastal drive.  Very pretty.  The line at the airport was HORRIBLY long...we're glad we got there early.  Once we checked our luggage we headed to immigration, then security.  Cam and I shopped and had to keep our passports with us, they wanted to see it for everything.  They checked our passports three times in the line to get into the plane  Crazy, but at least we're safe.  We left Santo Domingo on time and I am now on the plane headed to Miami.  After a long layover there, we go to Dallas, then finally home at a little after 6 pm. 

This trip has been amazing.  The things I've seen, heard, tasted, smelled, everything was incredible.  As far as I'm concerned Soy Dominicana.  I already miss the people, the heat, the landscape.  I could live there forever.  I thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity.


Our layover in Miami didn't end up being very long once we went thorugh Immigration, passport, getting our luggage, customs and then running to find a bite to eat.  Wiping and putting the toile paper in the toilet and flushing and then washing my hands with soap was FANTASTIC!  I called Jeff, and he wasn't home, so I called dad and he had the kids as Jeff was at church with a friend.  We're on our way to Dallas now.  Almost there.


We made it to Dallas.  As soon as we got off the plane there was an Auntie Annes with soft, salty pretzels....and...drum roll please.......DIET MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in heaven.  We found some french fries at McDonalds for Cam, then I got a yogurt "blizzard" from a yogurt place.  We had a meeting and heard Marks testimony.  He had an amazing testimony.  I learned a lot from him.  I called Jeff, he said he was really good.  He said he got a lot done!  We are taking off from Dallas now...we're on our way home!!!!

Top 3 Trip Details

1)  Meeting and getting to know Mi Abuela (Ramona).  She looked about 90 years old, but was only 60.  She had a very hard life.  She is happily taking care of her married, adult son who is in a wheelchair because of a motorcycde accident.  She lives in a two room house, on a dirt floor with an outdoor cocina.  She is ALWAYS smily and laughing and hugging, she was filled with joy and yet she had so little.  I learned a lot from her...we got her chocolate milk.

2)  Meeting and getting to know Yolandre.  He was such a sweet yet timid little boy.  He had a sister that Taylor fell in love with Maria, and their mother was an extremely good woman and mother...better than most we saw.  He was one year and eight months and Maria was nine.  He would often walk around naked.  He sucked his thumb almost all the time, but had a huge grin when he took his thumb out.  He reminded me why we do what we do.  We do it for the children.  It says in Matthew 19:14  "But Jesus said, 'let the children alone and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kindom of Heaven belongs to such as there.'"

3)  The translators/culture.  the culture was awesome!  Everyone is SO hospitable!  Anyone, even strangers can go to any house and they will invite you in, offer you something to drink, hug you.  They just are very, happy, loving people!  You would never see that in America.  It reminds me of the verse in the bible that talks about treating others like they were Christ.

Dominican Republic Trip Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for allowing us this incredible opportunity to minister for You in the Dominican Republic.  You provide for those people even though it seems like they have nothing.  In the words of one of the mothers in Cerros de Mogollon, "You give her everything she needs, no more, no less."  Thank you Lord for always providing.  Thank you for allowing us to live in a free country and allowing us religious freedom.  I ask Your blessing over more trips to the DR for me in the near future.  I also ask that you will protect Miguel and Kristen's ministry.  Give them strenth and courage alnd always provide for them so they can keep doing Your work.  Protect their children too and give them an easy and stress free upbringing.  I also pray for all of our translators, especially Daniel.  Give him courage to keep learning english and strength and perseverance in finding a job.  I pray for the Dominican Rising students and their ministry especially those DR students traveling to Cuba in September.  Give them your sheild of protection and give them courage.  Thank you again for allowing us to be healthy and safe while in the Dominican and thank you for keeping Jeff, Jake, MaKenna and Major safe as well.  I pray these things also with the people in Cerros de Mogollon in mind.  Help their hearts to open to Your Word.  Open their eyes to your love and beauty.  I pray also for their health and safety.  I pray especially for Yolandre, Maria and their mother and also mi Abuela and her family.  Please give them comfort, peace, health and strength and I pray that they find Your love.  I pray these things in Your name, Amen.

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