Monday, December 12, 2011

Other May happenings

My dad was the truck driver in May for Pops Ride (Pedal Over Parkinsons).  His cousin has Parkinsons...and my grandma died of Parkinsons.  It was a ride from Florida to California that my cousins did for Jerry Stutzman.  Dad enjoyed being bus driver!
MaKenna had a mom and Kindergartner event....then she also had a dad and Kindergartner event....Jeff was out of town, so Uncle Tanner took his place for the day!

She also lost her first tooth!  She has since lost a couple more...including both front teeth...all she wants for Christmas now is her two front teeth!!  :-)  The tooth fairy even came to visit!

MaKenna also had a Field trip to the zoo with her class.  Major and I joined her......

The Neihardt had their annual field day!  As usual, I was one of the was tons of fun though...and Major always gets a kick out of it!!!  She also had her Kindergarden picnic....where I got to remember what it is like to jump rope...TONS of fun!!!

Also in May was Memorial Day.  I try to always get to the cemetary to "visit" momma....we were able to go again this year and met Uncle Dick and Aunt Karen there...we ate lunch together after the Memorial Day services and then we headed out to Uncle Dale's farm to play with animals!

Then of course...I must not forget Jake's fourth grade picnic!

We also got to review for my blog the circus!! Ringling, Barnum and Bailey FULLY CHARGED tour!! That was TONS of fun! I hadn't been to a RBB Circus since I was in high school! The kids LOVED it!!

The next day we went to O'Neill, NE to check out this fun town and the Ashfall Beds that are there.  The beds are where volcanic ash covered the land and buried all sorts of prehistoric animals.  They have dug deep enough to find them.  The beds are still being excavated, so you can watch the workers as they excavate.  Very cool.  Cam and Jake are really into archeology....we thought they might enjoy it!  Plus...we saw a part of Nebraska we had never seen before.  It was kinda fun!!

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