Friday, December 16, 2011

Summer time

We had a GREAT summer!  I am just going to recap a touch! I had my nieces and nephew this summer and we had a great time!  We took quite a few "fieldtrips", and logged many hours outside in the backyard!  Here we are at the pool!  A place we frequented a lot!

The boys had a summer tim sport....Lacrosse!  They both really like it and like how it parrallels with Hockey.

We started the boys on rock climbing...hey...its a start!

We also hit the batting cages a couple times and also Lazer Tag!

Then it was "Aunt" Tini's bridal shower!  We had TONS of FUN!!!

 MORE Swimming at the pool!!!
 Can't forget the FIREWORKS!!!!
 MaKenna kept her American Doll close by....

Major does NOT like the sounds of the 4th of he and Sadie (my step puppy) sat inside.  Sadie LOVES to help babysit Major!

Then we took a weekend trip to Kansas City to hang out at Cabella's, the Dino (Rain Forest) cafe, and Schlitterbahn!  What fun we had!!!!

Cam "worked" at the zoo over the summer as a Student Intern.  While he worked, we often just hung out as his shifts were only about 3 hours long usually.

We also went to the zoo with friends!  Here is Jake and Gabiel Ramsey....we were at the zoo a lot this summer!  I wonder why all f my kids want careers in the zoo!!  :-)
On HOT days, the kids stayed are the younger ones playing LIBRARY!  It was SO quiet...and SO cute!!!  I LOVE THIS GAME!
Then...more trips to the zoo with the cousins!!!!

We can't forget the trips to see Sparky.  On one such trip my niece and Jake went out with niece came home with a broken arm from falling off the horse.  :-(

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