Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day Eight, Thursday, 7/28/11

 Abuela and I with her chocolate milk!
 Jen and I with Abuelas son and his wife.
 He actually rode off on the bumpy dirt road with this infant in his lap.
 Cam giving a piggyback ride!
 Little Yolandre.  We brought a bunch of balls for them to keep...he is sitting on one of them.
 A mom and her exhausted little one.  We also brought these Orange shirts for all of the kids...they say, Jesus te ama.  Jesus loves me.
 Yolandre ready to catch a ball.
 Abuelas outdoor kitchen.
Here is Abuelas kitchen....she is getting "Sopa" ready.

Today was an extremely difficult day. There were tears coming from everyone. Even the men. The day started out great. We headed out to Cerros de Mogollon around nine, and we did the first VBS for the day. It was the Prodigal Son. I was the pig. GO FIGURE! The morning was truly fantastic. I had more fun with mi abuela and yolandre. Cam hung out with Adrian and yolandre. There was no room going back for lunch, so Daniel and I had to sit on the sides of the truck. A little scary going down those dirt roads where potholes are everywhere. I was almost catapulted twice. We ate my new favorite meal, rice and beans. YUM! Jen and I took our daily siesta, but not before we had a good talk. By the way the rice and beans are special. They do their rice by putting oil in the bottom of a pan. Then they put rock salt in, then the rice and water. It is so awesome! As a side note....I have tried this since coming home...I cannot duplicate it...YET! I WILL keep trying! After siesta tiempo we got ready to go out to Cerros de Mogollon again. We did the story of Zaccheus. We had our craft and there was a fire in the bushes. I ran and got Dan. He talked to the locals and they said not to worry about it. Aparently since it storms daily, the brush is pretty wet, so fires don't typically get out of control. Sure enough after about five minutes, it went out. This country is so incredible and so different, I absolutely LOVE IT! I truly don't want to go home...I want my family to come to me here! Anyway, after crafts we played some more. We were able to bring our cameras today so I got all sorts of pictures and videos. Yolandre hung out with Cam and I most of the day. Yolandre really liked Cam. He would pretend to hit him and Cam would fall, Yolandre would laugh and laugh and smile SO big! Cam really enjoyed it. I had bought chocolate milk for mi abuela, so Jenn, Whitney, Cam, Tayler and Daniel and I went to her house to give it to her. She thought that was pretty cool. We took pictures with her and her son who is in a wheelchair becausee of a motorcycle accident. He never got any help after his accident. He can move his legs, but he can't walk. He needs physical therapy in order to walk again. After we left her house, we took Yolandre, his mother and Maria, his sister, home with Jen and Tayler. Tayler and Maria had formed quite a bond. There were massive amounts of tears from us all, even the mother and even Cam. I am not sure if I saw Daniel shed a tear or not though. We had to literally pull Tayler away. We prayed with them and then the team came looking for us. We hopped in. Cam, Daniel and I in the back. All of the girls were still bawling, I am talking massive sobs. Mark was in the back with us and he and I prayed for everyone including our friends in Mogollon. Even the men were crying. The people from Cerros de Mogollon were crying too. It was a very emotional goodbye. Some of the girls were still crying when we got home.

 Cam, Daniel and I.
 Yolandre and Cam.
 Yolandre with a soccer "cone" on his head.
 Saying goodbye.  Yolandre and Maria with their mom, and Jen and Tayler.
 Even Cam was is Tayler and Maria, Yolandre and Cam and their mom.
 Cam on the way home...flanked by Whitney and a tearful Maggie.
The young girls with the translators.

We had about an hour after we got home to freshen up and then the storms came again. We went to dinner about seven. We ate at a little restaurant that had just about everything. We had told them earlier this mornng what we wanted to have because restaurants here don't have a lot of food on hand since they don't have big refrigerators. Cam chose the Bistec. I chose the Hawaiian Porkchops. Both meals came with french fries. Dinner was on the church again. We all had to eat in shifts. It was kinda funny. The people who ordered chicken got theirs first, then the pork chops and so forth and so on. French fries came out for everyone as each batch would finish.  And the last two people who ordered pasta didn't even end up getting it because they ran out! It was kinda funny! I have to say though, the food was delicious! Quite possibly the best I've ever had! Scrumptious! After we were done eating, Miguel got us all up to do some dancing, it was so fun! A cockroach got on Serenity though and caused quite an uproar. We walked home and I had a really nice talk with Dan. His dad lives in Apache Junction. Small world. We had our nightly parent-child pow wow. I still don't get it. Cam just seems very disconnected, he still says he doesn't understand things. He wants to know what he is supposed to be looking for when God is talking to him. I've told him that he'll know and that He won't necessarily tak to him audibly, it could be in something that someone else says, or a thought. He just still doesn't get it. As I was sitting here writing this, Keri found a roach about two inches long, staring out of her face wipes container, peering at her. It was chaos. The whole room freaked out and Dan had to come upstairs and kill it. It was kinda funny....but only because it didn't happen to me! I guess last night Dave had a dream that bugs were crawling all over him, so his screaming woke up all the guys as he was swatting imaginary bugs off of him. What a blast we are having. This is a truly fantastic group of people.

 Eating out Dominican Style...with a wet tablecloth, under a thatched roof, outside, with lightning and rumbles of thunder all around us.
 My porkchop...YUMMY!!!!!
 The rain let here we are dancing off the food!
 Jen and my first born!
Cam....hiding from the owner of the restaurant who kept nabbing the young men for dances!!  :-)

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