Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday, Day Ten, 7/30/2011

Today started early. We had to get up, clean up the house, the matresses, etc. We ate breakfast and Miguel came by to give motorcycle rides. Cam and I rode with him. TONS OF FUN! Then we were on the bus headed toward Santo Domingo. Jen and I slept a lot of the way, and the bus was air conditioned, we were actually cold, so we covered up with a blanket! It was weird being in the DR and covered with a blanket in the middle of the day! One hour into our drive and we were told we get a surprise visit to the carribean beach! Since it was on the carribean, the water was mucho warm! We used their bathroom...which we had to hover over. We waded on the water and played for about twenty minutes there. We were back on the bus. We had two more hours to go. We had the same driver and protector. The protector fell asleep again and this time he was next to me, so it was my shoulder he slept on. Once we got to Santo Domingo we got into a traffic jam. They drive crazy! So crazy! We had people trying to jump on the bus, but our protector saved us. At one point though our protector jumped out and ran across the street to get his bus on the schedule. Some one tried to get in, but Cam jumped up and slammed the door in his face. Cam was very nervous though. So Dan got up and took over. Then our protector came back. Soon we got to our hotel.  A beautiful hotel with an American flag hanging along side a Dominican flag. It was in the middle of Colonia, where Christopher Columbus lived. The buildings are even from the 1500's. VERY COOL! Tons of shopping and street vendors too. It was raining cats and dogs as usual, but we ran in, showed our passports, checked our luggage because our rooms weren't ready and then we sat down at the hotel restaurant and ordered some food. No rice and beans! I got a club sandwich, Cam got a hamburger! They weren't the best, but they were delicious to us because we've been eating mostly rice and beans and carne. The DR people are very slow paced people, lunch took an hour and a half. In the lobby there was a computer, so I hopped on line, wrote jeff and got on Facebook. Then we finally got our rooms. It is very nice...not like a Marriot, but very nice! A hot shower, a soft bed, an air conditioned room....HEAVEN! Still can't flush toilet paper though! We talk about having a flushing party as soon as we hit Miami! Ater lunch we cleaned up a little for ten minutes, then met Jen in the lobby to go shopping. Trevor and Cam were are "men". We stopped in a lot of places...stores and street vendors. Trevor was a master at bartering. I got a tarantula in a frame that was marked at 1280 pesos for 400 because Trevor was so good. We shopped more and got some more good deals, some more not so good deals, but had a fantastic time! We had to meet back at the hotel at five, so we went back and then left for dinner. We had to trade more money in for pesos though, we shopped some more, checked out some historical places, then stopped for chicken at KFC. Nobody spoke English so it made ordering more difficult, but we managed with my limited Spanish. After dinner we did a bit more shopping, then got ice cream, went to the Supermercado to get water for brushing teeth, then headed back to the hotel to meet everyone and find out when we are leaving tomorrow. Jen, Taylor, Cam, Trevor and I hung out downstairs playing cards. After an hour or so we went back upstairs. They all went to Jens room, I went and took a shower....a shower. I even got to blow dry my hair! I headed to their room where we watched some YouTube videos and then we went back to our room. We weren't in bed until 11 and our alarm was set for 4:30am. Ugh. It was hard to sleep because there was tons of party music going on outside. I tried to turn the tv on, but it was in Spanish and I couldn't sleep because my mind was translating. The bed was SO nice though, if only the streets below us were peaceful....

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