Friday, November 19, 2010

More October Happenings...

Jeff built a couple forts this fall for the kids. A big one for Jake and Cam...and a littler one for MaKenna and Major. M and M's is built under the play set....C and J's is built on the far side of our property against the fence line. They enjoy playing army men back there with their nerf guns. I LOVE nerf guns but I HATE picking up those dang nerf bullets EVERYWHERE!!!!!! is a couple cute pictures of my Major wearing his army helmet!
It had been a long and tiring day for him...that helmet was so just zapped the energy right out of him. He slept like this for almost a full hour....

Jeff and I are taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Class. It is WONDERFUL and has made a BIG difference ALREADY in our finances!! We have made A LOT of being the van...but I will STILL get into that later. of the things that Dave Ramsey suggest is, "What can you sell???" I HATE garage sales....but I did one. I did it with our friends Tom and Allyson Chaudier.
They were nice enough to even stay at the garage sale while I took the family to the Civic Center to watch Mickey Mouse Live Road Show. Anyway...about the garage sale...we had TONS of stuff...big and little. We sold ALMOST $500 worth of stuff and we STILL had tons we are planning on trying to get rid of the rest of it in the Spring. Some of the bigger items that didn't sell at the garage sale, I have since sold on Craigs I am still slowly getting rid of stuff. Anyway....that was a very successful garage sale to me! I still don't like garage sales...but I am doing every thing in my power to follow the Dave Ramsey model and get us our of debt. If we do EVERYTHING the way he says...which is SOOO doable....then we will have EVERYTHING INCLUDING our house paid off in 6 years time!!! That is our goal...and we are doing fairly well towards it! Mouse Road Show. Many of you know that I have another blog. On that blog I review and giveaway things. Well, I was asked by Disney to review the Mickey Mouse Roadshow that was coming to Omaha. So they gave us 6 tickets to go...have fun...take pictures...and then review the show on my blog. That was a $100 savings in tickets alone!! We were all very excited! The problem was it was in the middle of our garage sale...but that is where Tom and Allyson came in. Thanks guys!!! Anyway, the show was truly AWESOME! I would suggest ANYONE with young kids to go...or even big kids. Cam LOVED it! I think Cam loved it more than any of them to be honest with you!!! MaKenna's perk up time was when Cinderella came out!

Another item that I was asked to review was a fabric paint. The company sent several spray cans of different colors. I was asked to make shirts. So....I let the kids make their own. That was nerve wracking...but once I gave up "power", they did a great job! Here was the was only our first try. The VERY first one I made...the sample one that nobody is wearing turned out fantastic....I don't know what happened to the rest...but the paint itself was great!

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