Saturday, November 20, 2010


Halloween was a fun evening!!! Jake trick or treated with a friend this year though so he did not make it into my dad's picture....this is from my dad's house....Kitty...Scooby...and Predator. Here is Major and MaKenna ringing a door bell. We went out kinda was a school night though....we didn't want the kids up late. Scooby did pretty good...he was a little timid at first...but he warmed up pretty quickly. There were some houses he was afraid of that had scary decorations up. I just took him up on my hip at those houses. He got pretty tired by the time we rounded the block though. That was a perfect amount for him...and even MaKenna was done...she needed to find a bathroom! :-)

Here is all of us...including Jamaican Mamma! MaKennas costume I found at a consignment sale for like $4....can't complain there. Jake's costume was a bit pricy...but he paid for some of it...I had my limit. Major's costume was worn by Jake, and Cam MADE his costume with his dad! I bought the mask....I paid the same amount on his mask that I paid on Jake's costume. The rest of Cam's costume, he and his dad built!!!

She lost her mask at we made her ears...and I had previously made her tail because it didn't come with a tail.

All in all, they had a GREAT time!! And the weather cooperated! We had a wonderful night full of yummy candy!!! I was most definitely SICK by the time I went to bed that night! I NEED SELF CONTROL!!!!!

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