Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mischevious Major.....

Here is Samantha....her and Major are great buddies...they had to both ride the horse at Nobbies!
Major and his kitty. He calls Chocolate (our cat), Kitty, Kitty....Chocolate will answer to Kitty Kitty before he answers to Chocolate! That poor cat has been through so much with Major since he was a wee baby...the cat that is. Major flushed him down the toilet...or at least tried to...he used him as a squirt gun (by turning the cat upside down, pointing and squeezing), you name it...he has done it to this poor cat...but the cat is very gentle with him and just loves on him. WEIRD!!!!
Here he is with his just woke up hair. I don't know that you can see it really well...but he had Alfalfa hair this particular morning!
That's my Mater.....

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