Friday, November 19, 2010

Concussions....Eggs....OH MY!

So...this is the week for doctor's! Ugh. A couple weeks ago, I had both MaKenna and Major at the doctor for sinus infections. Both were treated and all is good. Last week I took Cam in to the dentist because he had a baby tooth that didn't want to pop out and the permanent tooth was wanting to come down on top of it. So, they pulled it. That is his fourth pulled tooth by the dentist. For whatever reason...his teeth want to go NOWHERE.

Now...on to this last weekend. Cam and Jeff went to Mankato for hockey. They lost all of their games...but in their defense they were playing better teams...I mean in the A, AA, AAA regards. WONDERFUL friends took me out for my birthday Saturday night. Deana's husband Rich, watched the kids for me...thanks Rich! Anyway...I get a phone call in the middle of dessert that Cam went to check someone...they moved and he was then checked by someone else or something like that, and he wound up hitting his noggin on the boards, then the ice. He was disoriented, and he said skating back to the bench it was like the ice was above him rather than below him. *creepy*. Anyway...thankfully one of the players fathers is a pediatric doctor who specializes in pediatric concussions. He came over and examined him and sure Cammy suffered from his first sports related concussion. Poor baby. He has been out of hockey for a week...and won't play tomorrow either. He should be back next week though. His headaches have stopped....his equilibrium is still a little "off", but he is doing much better. I am not happy with that...a concussion at 11??? That worries me.

So then last night, I had a feeling that Major had a UTI. There were various different symptoms that led me to believe that. I won't bore you with the details. So, I called, they said to bring him in so they could dip his urine. So I did. They had me sit in the waiting room...and sit...and sit...until Major finally starts jumping around and screaming, "gotta go potty, gotta go potty....gotta go potty NOW mommy!!!" They got me a cup REAL fast! Have you ever tried to get a 2 year old to pee in a cup? He thought I was trying to give him a shot in the pee-pee. He kept yelling..."No mommy!! No shot on my pee-pee!!! No mommy!!! Don't touch mommy!!" You can imagine what it sounded like on the other side of the door! Once he started to "go", I slipped the cup under him real quick....but when I slipped it back out, his "pee pee" got stuck and started spraying me up and down! UGH! least I got the urine. For the next 20 minutes though he walked around with his hands on his groin talking about the "medicine" I gave him. I kept telling him I didn't give him any....but he didn't believe me. Oh the mind of a 2 year old. Anyway, his urine was fine. No explanation for the symptoms other than a possible viral infection. Okee dokee...lets go home and change now..... getting 10 inches of my hair cut off (sniff sniff), (I did donate it though), I went to MaKenna's Thanksgiving Play and Feast at her school with Major and Papa. That was TONS of fun. Of course I forgot my camera...but luckily the Hoops' were there and they took plenty of pictures for me...I just have to wait till they e-mail them to me...then I will share. this Thanksgiving Feast there was lots of yummy food. I made sure that MaKenna had the appropriate foods for her allergies....but when it came to dessert...they had essentially nothing that she could have. Then...I found it. Pudding Pie! I make pudding pie for Cam and MaKenna all the time! Yippee! She CAN have dessert after all! So I scooped her up some...and we went back to the table. About 2 minutes later, she looked like a squirrel with her cheeks all puffed up. I said, "Honey...what is wrong...why don't you swallow your food?" She said, "It hurts mommy...I can't swallow." Oh, oh. I didn't initially think eggs...I thought she just suddenly came down with something...then I noticed her face starting to break out where the pudding had touched her....then she started saying her tummy hurt. we left in a jiffy. Got home, gave her Benedryl. Her eyes started to swell....ugh...pretty soon, the Benadryl took effect and the swelling and redness went away...but not her stomach ache. 3 hours later she was screaming in pain...I gave her MORE Benadryl...still I called my dad (Jeff and Jake were at hockey), and he came over to help Cam watch Major. I ran to Urgent Care. They put her on Prednesonil, a steroid. We ran to KMart to get it filled....ran home and the minute we got out of the van...yes I said van...I'll explain later...she turned white. I said, "RUN!!!!" She ran in and barely made it to the toilet...but she DID make it thank the good Lord above!!! She puked her little guts out...but she made it to the toilet! Poor baby!! So, I put her in the shower...and we sat down to watch Toy Story 3...and pretty soon, the Benadryl wiped her out! Darn those eggs!!!! the eggs. Pudding pie...I make it all the time...pudding and milk, in a graham cracker crust. That is what this was....EXCEPT...after discussing it thoroughly with dad and Deana....we determined that it must have been home made because according to Deana's recipe book....home made pudding has 4 egg yolks in it. Woops. Who knew? I had NO idea...but I felt SOOOOOOOO incredibly bad!!! She missed a sleep over party tonight because of my mess up. She said she forgives me I can just forgive myself....

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