Friday, November 19, 2010

Fourth Annual Adventureland Trip!

In late September...okay...I am a tad behind on posting...we went to Adventureland in Des Moines, IA. It was the fourth annual trip for the Filleman's, Stutzman's and Flanigan's. Mom started the tradition 4 years ago when she was under going chemotherapy. We have decided to continue the tradition with mom as our angel guide! :-) She is with us in spirit! We always have a great time. We used to make it a whole weekend thing....but now...with money, and other time constraints, it is usually just a day trip. It takes about 2 hours to drive there and then we are usually at the park from 10 to 9 or so...then we drive home. So it is a REALLY long day...but TONS of fun!!!

Here is my sister braving "Lady Luck" with Major, Brooke and MaKenna. Jeff and Major.

Sassy girls...Brooke and MaKenna.

"Mater" as he calls himself.
MaKenna and Major.

Major and MaKenna.
Me, Kayla, Brooke, MaKenna, Jeff and Major...unseen and freaking out!
Major and Jeff....both looking thrilled....
Kayla, Brooke and MaKenna.
Major and Jeff.
Major on the of his favorites.

Jeff, Major and Cam on the teacups!
Mike and Rhonda.

Major and Papa.

The boys....Major, Shawn, Cam and Jake.
Brooke, Rhonda and MaKenna.

The terrible two....Kayla and Jake.
Maj and I.

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