Tuesday, December 16, 2008


FINALLY...here I am with an update! Ugh! Things here have been just a bit crazy lately...so forgive my tardiness! So...our FUN trip! What a great time we had!! We woke up at 4 Thanksgiving morning in order to be at the airport a little before 6. Yikes! That alone was painful! Everyone...including Major...did REALLY well on the flights. We flew into ATL, then we caught another flight after eating a quick lunch. Once we got to Orlando, we got our mini-vans and headed off to our hotel. We just rested the rest of Thanksgiving day. We swam in the pool...ate dinner by the pool...checked out the "tour" possibilities, etc. The one sign I found funny was:

I looked high and low for those darn gators! Never saw one though! The security guard said they do have some that hang out on the property...but, I didn't get the pleasure. :-(

The next day we woke up bright and early to be at Disneyworld by 9 am! We ate our Continental Breakfast and off we went! We got mom a wheelchair at the park and headed on the ferry to Disneyworld! We had a great time!

We started with Splash Mountain...but MaKenna wasn't tall enough, so Jeff and Major and her went off and rode some other little rides while we were on Splash Mountain. The lines were fairly long, but unlike some of the little amusement parks, like Adventureland...your wait isn't that bad. They really do a great job of moving people right along, and then the rides are so much longer and more captivating! I forgot how great it was! Once we finally found Jeff and the little ones, we headed to another land...don't know which one it was....fantasy maybe. Anyway, mom and dad rode Pirates of the Caribbean with all of us. That was great too...I can remember riding that at Disneyland with my parents...ahhh...the memories! Around 2 or so though, mom started not feeling well, so her and dad headed back to the hotel. We watched the parade then and started on the other side of the park. MaKenna was big enough for the haunted mansion, and I let her go with me. She wasn't too scared when I told her that Casper the friendly ghost was about as scary as it would get. She didn't mind it. The thing that DID scare her though? You get off of the ride on a conveyor belt. She started walking in the wrong direction and TOTALLY freaked out because she couldn't get out of there! It was very comical. Anyway, later that night we watched the fireworks which were spectacular. Thank goodness for the Fast Passes too! They were a huge timesaver! We went to toon land and MaKenna got a chance to meet the Princesses. All she talked about all day long was the Princess Castle and the Princesses. It was a long line, and I didn't REALLY want to stand in it...but she had been talking about it all day...and we were there for the kids, so I did. She fell asleep in the stroller while we waited because it was about 11 pm. I had to wake her up to meet the Princesses. I am so glad I stood in that line though. They were spectacular. They only took 5 of us at a time, and there were three Princesses. It wasn't just in and out, the Princesses stood there and talked one on one with each child. It was truly awesome for me as a parent, you can imagine what MaKenna though!
After Jeff had to buy his little princess a pretty princess dress! She was SO excited that she had to wear it out of the store! Then off we went to FINALLY see the Cinderella Castle!

Finally we just shopped...shopped...shopped and shopped somemore! We were on the tram going back to the parking lot at a little after midnight....back at the hotel by 12:30. It was a tiring day...but OH...SO...WORTH IT!
I have more pictures posted in a slide show at the top of the page.
Major currently is struggling with RSV...so that is a BIG reason why I haven't updated. More on that later. But, it has taken me DAYS to write this much, so I am going to post this, and then hopefully tomorrow I can update you on the rest of the trip!

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