Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He FINALLY got a deer!

Jeff finally got his deer! After a couple of months of no luck, he had some luck on Saturday. He had been Archery hunting for the last couple of months. He had great luck archery hunting last year...but not so much this year. He went out though, the first day of rifle season, which was Saturday and got his deer! Whew! In the past, we have taken them in and gotten them butchered. This year he wanted to try it all himself. I have been in cadaver labs, and I have seen a lot of disgusting things...but some how I lost my appetite for deer meat after watching him do everything that needed to be done. He butchered in the garage...but then he brought all the meat in to grind it, etc. My kitchen was an absolute, bloody mess! I told him...one deer a year is ALL he gets to do by himself! ICK!

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