Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't hate me...after all, it's only my opinion....and my blog.... the risk of losing some very important friendships, I have to have my two cents worth. I pray that I lose no friendships, but...this is my I am going to voice my opinion. I am entitled to my opinion as are all of you....Barack Obama is, as my friend Robyn puts it, a wolf in sheeps clothing...which is also how the bible puts it. I honestly can't see how any Christian could vote for that man. I understand that the election is over, but I am tired of being afraid of what other people might think if I voice my opinion. And...don't get me wrong...if you voted for Obama, I still love you, but you have been sadly misinformed on many issues.

First...if you voted for must be for abortion, or at least pro-choice, and be okay with partial birth abortion. This is a direct violation of God's law. Another direct violation of God's law is the fact that if you voted for Obama you also must be okay with gay marriage...because he supports that too. He also supports teaching homosexuality in schools. Since we are on education...he also opposes allowing parents to put their children in the school of their choice.

Obama also apparently wants us to continue giving our money to countries over seas for our oil. That makes us dependent on them. I don't know about you...but I don't want to be dependent on them...nor do I like spending a ton of my and my husbands hard earned money on gasoline so that I can line mid eastern pockets.

Finally...redistributing the wealth...and healthcare. Oh my. This is a big one too. Basically, us hard workers will get to work even harder to pay for OTHER peoples insurance. For those who are in great need due to unforeseen circumstances...fine...I can see helping them until they get back on their feet. But...this makes it TOO easy for people to be lazy. Once again, us middle class folks will suffer exponentially.

There is more...but I need to get off of my soap box. I can't believe that a Christian nation would elect this man...who also has been called the Messiah to Muslims by the Arab World. Obama supporters what have you done? Like I said in my post a few days day they will see the error in their ways. Did you know that on Good Morning America they interviewed 3 people who voted for Obama. They interviewed them seperately, but asked the same questions. The first question...."So if you voted for Obama, then you must be against abortion." They said, "OH ABSOLUTELY." The other two questions were similar in that they were McCain supported issues. The point?? These people voted for a man because of who he is...not what he stands for or believes in. They didn't even know the issues. That is plain ignorance and very sad.

When all goes to hell...don't come running to the Republicans...we tried to tell you.

I gotta stop now...Jeff says I am getting way to heated...and he is right...after all, God knows all and God allows all, so He allowed this to happen and I can't change it...but I can certainly pray for the administration and those of us who will suffer from it. matter your stand...I love you all dearly...I just had to have my moment, which I should have had prior to the election...I just think that politics should be kept as a personal thing, but I had to get it off my chest now that we are all doomed.

STOP IT TONYA! Sorry! I am stopping...the angel on my shoulder is telling me to stop...and just pray.

Love you all!


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