Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Zoo with the Ramseys

Awhile ago...yes...I am SOOO behind on blogging....again.....sorry Filleman family!!!  I do this for you so you can see the kids as they grow...and then I am SLOW getting anything out!!  :-(  BAD TONYA!

Anyway....we went to the zoo...as we do quite frequently...thank goodness for zoo passes!  But this time we went with the Ramseys!  We had a GREAT time!!  Here is a picture of Jake, MaKenna, Gabriel and Hannah in the Desert Dome!  I am NOT a fan of the desert dome...I grew up in the desert.....been there...done that...but everyone else LOVES it!

Here is Major and little Lydia at the Gorilla complex.

We went to the train that you can climb on and we found a swan that was sitting on some eggs right by it.  The kids were bugging her a little bit and she made some hissing noises...here is Major....trying to get in trouble...but I stood between him and the swan.

The Jungle!!  My beautiful four!  Where would I be without my babies??????  Aren't they pretty?  :-)

 These two make priceless pictures together!
 It was a REALLY long day....here is everyone when we pulled into the garage......

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