Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Easter Morning

Here is the family after church...before we changed our clothes for the hunt!!!
 Major and MaKenna....the prettiest little kiddos at church that day!  I know...I am biased...
 Major...no he did not wear sandals to church.
 Major chasing the kitty....the kitty ultimately won.
 The Easter Bunny brought a lot of really nice things....but one of those things was MaKenna's new roller blades!!!! 
 The kids were also thrilled to see that Cam and I caught the Easter Bunny!!!!

After we played around a bit with our new toys, Jan and dad came over, Rhonda and Mike and the kids, Tini and Matt and Dixie and Tanner!  Here is what Grandma Jan brought over for the kids!  Great idea!!!!  When you pulled the "carrot" out it was full of all sorts of goodies...and the bag was shaped like a carrot!

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