Wednesday, July 6, 2011


When school is out, I have a number of kids at my house.  Which is great!  The more the merrier. can get can get noisy...but the kids...for the most part really well together.  So...summer time I have my niece's and nephew....and anywhere from 2-4 more neighbor kids that I watch for friends either on a continuing basis, or once in awhile. 

Well...during the school year, I have littler people.  Usually it is just Major and I...and of course, my friend Deana and Allyson and I switch off so that we can make appointments or what not....but once in awhile I get kids over on a regular basis.  Here are some of the pictures I took this Winter/Spring.

Here is Major's friend Brooklyn and Duke playing in the sand.

 Here is Brooklyn's little sister Campbell!  Isn't she cute???
 Then we have Kaili.....she was actually in a good mood that day...but they were all tired out.
 Here are Kaili's little brothers, Toby and Noah.
 Major was plum tuckered out too!
 Here is Toby at lunch time...what a ham!!!

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