Sunday, February 13, 2011

The day AFTER Christmas

So...we have several days of presents. We have Christmas Eve where we get and give gifts to my dad and Jan, Rhonda, Mike and her kids. Then Christmas Day is just what Santa brought us and what is under the tree....then the next day we go to Dad and Jan's because Santa has ALSO come to their house for the kids!!!! Here is of the newer members to our family....just watching all the kids in wonder! This is her first Christmas with so many kids!!!! Here they all chronilogical order....Major, MaKenna, Brooke, Kayla, Jake, Shawn and Cam.
The girls took a break to check out the outdoors with Sadie....not a lot of snow on the ground at that time, but we have since made up for that.

The two oldest...Shawn and Cam....

Add in Jake and Major....

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