Monday, February 14, 2011

Christmas Break Ice Skating

So I always try to do fun things with the kids when they are home for Christmas Break. One particular day my sister (who had taken the day off) wanted to go ice skating with the kids. Now...I for one am SO SICK OF ICE RINKS! But....because I love my children...we went. Major had a REALLY difficult time at first. We were there for 2 hours and for the first hour and a half he CRIED...and CRIED...and CRIED! Then...we finally convinced him to use a cone to skate with...suddenly he was a changed boy! He fought us at first...but once he figured it out...he LOVED it! Here is Kayla and MaKenna. Major is in the yellow...this is where Major and I spent that first hour and a half....on the bench.

Brooke and Rhonda.

Major being his usual silly self!!!!

MaKenna and Kayla trying to help Major.

Rhonda helping Major...until his pants fell down and her back ached!

Then we came home...and this is what I found Major doing...playing with the boys' DS. Such a boy!

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