Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas Morning!

So Christmas Morning at our house is always fun and EARLY! The kids do know though that they can't look at what Santa brought and they can't open anything until we are awake! And they also know that they can't wake us up before 8 AM! I know...we are TERRIBLE! Then they have to wait for Jeff to take a shower. I am perfectly content going downstairs with my glasses and un showered...but not we want a happy daddy...he has to have showered and had his coffee. is usually 9 am before we start opening! This is what Major thinks of that!!!! We always go into the living room first and open what Santa brought us in our stocking. Here is one of Cam's Santa gifts! A hunting hood!

Here is one of Jake's Santa gifts....a 3D book mark!

MaKenna got toothpaste! And Santa brought her ice skates too!

Major is just taking it all in...he was the first to go since he is the youngest.

After we find out what Santa brought, then we mosey into the Family room and open up the presents under the tree. That was a lot of fun!!! I forgot to take pictures during that time sorry......All in all...Christmas was FANTABULOUS!!!!!

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