Sunday, February 13, 2011

Major's 3rd birthday PARTY!!!!

Okay...I am getting behind again! Sorry! It was a busy Christmas Break...of course. Hockey just absolutely takes over our lives. And now...MaKenna has started figure skating again, which makes it even busier!

So...Major's birthday was the 2nd of December, and his party was later that weekend. We had almost 30 people here! Kids and adults! It was crowded, but as usual we had a great time!

He calls himself "Mator" from Cars. Though he isn't a huge fan of Cars....but he has a hard time pronouncing the "J" in his name, so it comes out Mator. So...since he calls himself Mator, I thought it would be fun to do a Mator party!

Deana Ramsey made the wonderful cake again as usual! Didn't she do a great job???

Here is Malissa and Jada enjoying the party!

Olivia, Emily and little miss Lydia!

Kayla and Rhonda...

Leanne and Adah....

Gideon talking to Major about something really exciting! :-)

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