Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Filleman News

Cam started Violin lessons this past Monday morning at school. It is kinda a pain because he has to be there at 8 I drive him, then I come back (Jeff is still here with the other 3), and I finish getting everyone else ready and walk the rest to school at 8:20. Then on Wednesdays he has to be there for practice at I just leave here 5 minutes earlier. Today we were getting some MUCH needed rain, so I drove them all early...MaKenna, Major and I were still in our jammies...oh the joys of driving to school! BUT...I walked them all I DID get my excercise today!!! :-) Jake and Cam both still take piano lessons...but so far, Cam is really enjoying violin! He seems to be pretty good at it. Jake has a natural talent with piano believe it or not! So...maybe Cam will have a natural talent with violin! You never know!

Here is my Duke! Such a sweet puppy he is...of course, he isn't really a puppy anymore!! He is already 7 years old!! I can't believe it! It seems like we just got him! He has been kinda sad since we put Mickey down...but he is starting to perk up and play fetch with us again!! He is constantly wanting to be loved though!! If you stop petting even for a split second his tongue starts to lap at your face!! We always need showers after spending time with him!!
I know that this is some kind of Hasta plant...but does anyone know WHAT kind? The flowers on it are just beautiful!!

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous! So we have been playing outside A LOT lately! Here is Jeff swinging MaKenna and Jake...and Major is there just can't see him. Cam and I were busy bouncing on the trampoline! We have all been getting our energy out on the trampoline lately! I wish it would stay nice like this all winter long!

I knew if I stayed in Jamaica too long this would happen!!! J/K My little Rastafarian man!! Isn't he sweet! This is Major-Mon!

Since Major has been crawling, I have a very difficult time keeping up with him. He LOVES to be outside too!! So, I often will open the door and leave the glass screen door shut so he can "pretend" to be outside!
Major started clicking his tongue last week too! He is so funny! He crawls and round and is just entertaining himself with his little "click, click, click." Too cute!!

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