Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vadim vists

On that SAME weekend that we had hockey finals....Vadim stopped by to say hello!! Vadim is the Ukrainian young man who was adopted from Orphanage #4 that we used to have have our ministry with. He was adopted when he was 18 or so...and attended Millard South. He graduated from Millard South this past summer at the age of 20 (Ukrainian school laws are different from the USA), and he is now going to college to be an Electrician. He will be done with his current program this summer. Anyway, he stopped by to visit us which was SO nice because we haven't seem him in probably 6 months or so! Here is a picture. Jeff and his parents had run up to Des Moines to see Jake's mid day game before Cam's late night they weren't home at the time.

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