Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cam is 12!!!!!!

Yes...that is correct...I was a mere 12 when I had him...making me only 24. Don't I look 24? HEY! IT'S POSSIBLE!!!!! His favorite gift for his birthday was this silly "Chest Buster" from the movie Aliens. I know....weird....he has this really strange and creepy fascination with Aliens and Predators. Should I be nervous???? Aunt Holly was the cool person to get this for him. Here it is, in the flesh...or cotton...whatever....
Dad and Jan were gone to Arizona for Spring Training from January through we had their dog Sadie. She is a GREAT dog. is Sadie being introduced to the "Chest Buster".
He also got this University of Florida Locker board. Yes...University of Florida. Don't ask...I have NO idea. He is surrounded by Texas and Nebraska stuff...and he likes Florida. Go figure.
And...since his favorite past time is father like son...I made him this camo blankie to have in the wild.

He also had a party with some friends. He had 4 boys over. 2 out of the 4 boys had a rough family life. One is an athiest with an alcoholic single mother who expects him to do everything for her...and one who is the son of two moms and they attend the one homosexual church here in Omaha. Didn't even know that existed in the midwest. was a Saturday night sleep over party and we asked the kids' mom's if they could attend church with us the next day. They said, "no". We told them to pick up their kids at 8 then...and they said, "Well...I guess they can go to church with you." :-) So...they all went to church...we piled into two different vehicles. The next day at school one of the boys (the atheist with a single alcoholic mother) started asking Cam some questions. He asked a few questions every so often until one day, two weeks later, he accepted Christ. Cam was so excited...and that is when we heard about the Dominican Parent/Child trip at our church...we were all powered up to go...and we are half way done funraising! :-)


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