Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cam's Final Hockey Tournament of the Season

Cam's final tournament was up in Fremont...which is only about 30 minutes from here. Jake's final tournament was the same weekend in Des Moines. Jeff's mom and dad came to visit that same my sister took Jake to Des Moines since her kids also played in the tournament and I stayed here in Omaha with Jeffs mom and dad and the little people. Here are some pictures from that weekend. Cam is number 91.

This is how Major spent most of the weekend at the ice rink. The little boy is a little brother of one of the players and he has an iPad which Major found VERY appealing!
Cam's team finished 5th in the midwest and Jake's team placed 2nd. They were in the championship game and they tied it went into a shoot out. Unfortunately, the other teams goalie was significantly bigger and blocked many more sadly, Jake's team lost and took 2nd place.

They both had an INCREDIBLE season though! Jake's team has already had their year end party....tonight is Cam's year end party...then we are DONE for the season!! I love hockey...but YIPPEE!!!!!!

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