Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend with the new family....

We went to the zoo on Friday after Thanksgiving. It was Cam, Jake, MaKenna, Major, myself, Allison and Emma and Chris. We had a great time! The Henry Doorly Zoo here in Omaha is OUTSTANDING! It is also quite big and we didn't get to all of it in the time that we were there. It was a chilly day, so we stayed at mostly the inside exhibits which is about 80% of the zoo anyway. Here, MaKenna, Jake, Uncle Chris and Emma are acting like Gorillas.

There is a lot of walking to be done...so Allison decided to share the stroller with Emma...it was only creaking a little bit! :-)Major was plum tuckered out at the gorilla exhibit. Just too much for him to handle!This particular gorilla really enjoyed watching Jake. He was mesmerized by him. He was probably thinking....here is one human I can relate to! :-)This Orangatang liked Major a lot too!This was just a cool picture. These guys are just MASSIVE! His head is HUGE! I SO would not want to meet him in a dark alley...or anywhere for that matter!Here we are at the Aquarium. Major, MaKenna and Emma were hanging out in the Penguin "bubble".Emma and Major...with MaKenna in the lead, checking out the penguins.My new sister Allison and my new niece Emma. Do they look anything like me? We could pass as sisters couldn't we?All the kids in the rainforest.MaKenna...just hangin' around!This is what it looked like as I pulled into the garage. Major was asleep in his seat too!Major as soon as we got his jammies on. That little monkey in his hand is what he bought at the zoo with Papa's money! We really had a great time.

Then MaKenna had a Thanksgiving concert at school. She was a pilgrim. She was SO adorable. They sang THE cutest songs EVER!
Unfortunately, the day ended badly. After her performance, they had finger food and desserts. We did fine on the finger food....but when we got to desserts, MaKenna REALLY wanted something. There was a pudding pie there. Pudding pie has no egg in it? Right? WRONG! Apparently if you make it from scratch it does. WHO MAKES PUDDING FROM SCRATCH ANYMORE!?!?!?! Anyway...she had it...and after only a couple bites she started complaining of throat problems....she couldn't swallow...then her tummy hurt. We rushed her home and then took her to urgent care where they treated her with Steroids. Poor thing. I am such a bad mommy! I shouldn't have let her have it...but I honestly had NO idea there was egg in it. Bad mommy!

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