Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well....I am trying to catch up on my blogging!!

November was a fun and BUSY month!! I turned 29...again... on November 29th. After a great dinner at La Mesa...my favorite Nebraskan Mexican place, we came home...I got a bubble bath from my husband, and this great Brett Favre jersey! I also got a new electric toothbrush!

The weekend before my birthday was my dad's wedding....I already posted those pictures. Then...the weekend before that was little Jada Randecker's 3rd birthday party. She had a cowgirl theme party! Major and her are great buddies....so he really enjoyed himself. He was there all day too because me and the older kids went and delivered turkeys to the poor in the city of Omaha that morning.
Here is Jada, Major, Hannah, MaKenna and Gabriel.
Jada and Major.

We also had a musical for Jake. Here he is in the yellow playing the xylophone.

Again, he is in the yellow. The one in the yellow furthest to the left.
I also got to have a birthday dinner with my wonderful friends. Allyson's birthday is also in November...so we celebrated it together with our friends! We chose La Mesa this year, because she picked last year! :-) Afterwards we went to Culvers for some YUMMY ice cream! Here is me, Michele, Emily, Allyson, Lydia and Deana.

Major and the cat have become very close! Both snoozing....
Jake had a lot of hockey in November too. As did Cam. I dn't have any pictures of Cam's hockey on this batch....but he and Jeff traveled to Mankato in November and ended up getting a concussion. He was out for several practices and a couple games after that. We are now in Pee Wees...which means checking is now allowed....hence the concussion.....Ugh...
Here is Jake's first penalty. The scoreboard reads 1:23 left of the penalty for number 11...that's my Jakey! So proud of him! :-)

There he is....

He is in the green....his team is called the Green Machine.
That's all I have for November pictures! I'll be back with more updates though!!

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