Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pictures of Dad's Wedding

I am really behind on posting on this blog. So sorry! I plan on catching up though soon! I am skipping a few things to get these posted because I told everyone in my Christmas card to look on the blog if they wanted to see, I thought...hmmm...I better post those pictures then huh? :-)

I'll give you a little bit of the day too! The day started out fine. Of course...I wasn't feeling well. I took a nice cold along to the wedding with me! :-( Then I passed it on to everyone else...including the newlyweds...sorry!

We headed out to Cornerstone Mansion in Omaha at around 1. I picked up Allison and Emma, and Rhonda picked up Jan. First things first...we had to decorate. So Rhonda, Allison and I started decorating while Cam entertained the kids! Soon it was time to get the kids ready. Thankfully I only have one girl to worry about...the boys are easy! So...Cam, Jake and Major got dressed together and I got MaKenna ready. She looked so pretty!
Then Rhonda and I got ourselves ready!

Once all the kids were ready...the pictures started! Our photographer was Kim Dusek who many of you may know from our church! Here is Brooke, MaKenna, Kayla, Major and Emma all ready to go!!
Then there was waiting.......
Once the wedding started the kids sat on the staircase. They all walked down in twos....perfect 4 girls and 4 boys.....

Emma and MaKenna.
Jan's son Chris walked her down the aisle...and then he sang a beautiful song!
Emma and Major get along as well as an old married he is annoying her and she is sushing him!
Our pastor from Brookside Church did the ceremony and once they were pronounced man and wife....more pictures were due!! Here is Jan with her new brood of grandkids! She went from one grandchild to 8 in a matter of minutes!!!!
Here are the newlyweds with all the grandkids!
Jeff and I, Dad and Jan, Rhonda and Mike.

There were about 30 people there...and most of them were in this picture. This was the family picture!

Major and Papa!

Here is Chris with dad, Jan and Allison.

The newlyweds!


Cutting the very yummy cake!! My friend Deana made an additional cake with no egg in it for my kids! Thanks Deana!!!!

We had a wonderful dinner after the pictures. It was catered in by some fancy chef! Very good stuff...a bit fancy...but very good tasting! After the cake, the kids had some sugar to burn here they are playing ring around the rosy....
Poor Deana trying to control my son....but with a smile on her face!! GO DEANA!!!

The first dance. Jan is so good...she wore heels during the ceremony...but for the dancing, she changed into her boots! She'll fit right in!!!

They didn't get to dance long before the grandkids took over!

Here is Jan with one of her newest grandsons, Major.

More Ring Around the Rosy...

MaKenna and Brooke.
Dad and I. I don't think we have danced together in 13 years since my wedding!

Dad and his new mother in law. He hasn't had a mother in law in 20 years! He better mind his P's and Q's!

It was an exhausting day...time to go home.....we have church the next day!
The love mobile!

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