Friday, January 6, 2012

New York, Tuesday,Day Three, 10/25/2011

Today was tons of fun!  I slept a little later because I wanted to miss rush hour on the train.  I headed over at about 9:30.  I took the PATH train to the World Trade Center because the Smithsonian was a few blocks from there.  The actual Smithsonian is in Washington D.C., but this was a branch of it, with a focus on Native Americans.  Having grown up in Arizona though, I learned a lot about Native Americans so I didn't spend much time there.  As with everything else we had to put our things through the x-ray machine and we had to go through the metal detectors.  It was a really beautiful building.  I had to go down Wall Street again to get there, so I saw the "bull" again.  After the Smithsonian I walked a few more blocks to Battery Park, where the Staten Island Ferry is.  One of the trains there took me to Central Park to go to the Museum of Natural History where one of the Night at the Museum movies was filmed.  GREAT MOVIE!  Anyway, The Museum of Natural History is right on the edge of Central Park, another beautiful building in the middle of beautiful landscape.  Again, I had to go through metal detectors and send my things through an x-ray machine.  this museum was so huge!  it cost me $19 to get in, but for the size of this place, it was well worth it.  They had four huge sprawling floors of just about everything imaginable.  Each floor even had it's own gift shop!  on the top floor there was also a restaurant and a snack bar on the second floor.  I got to see Dum Dum, the Dino, and a bunch of other things from the movie.  The museum was packed with very neat things.  LOVED IT!!  I could have easily spent all day there, but I had too much to do!  After the museum, I was starved, it was almost 2pm.  I found a street vendor and ate a hotdog.  As I was walking through Cental Park with my Subway map, I saw the Central Park Zoo and a nice gentleman asked me what I was looking for.  I told him wanted to go to Rockefellar Center.  He told me what train to get on.  I headed there and checked out NBC studios, the went to the Lego Store.  I bought a couple things there also.  

After that, I headed to Grand Central Station.  It was a long walk, but it was nice.  On my way there I got to see some Brookstone homes that Mary was wanting me to see.  They really are beautiful.  They are the ones wih the big stone staircases in front.  Very pretty!  Grand Central Station was beautiful too!  My Pictures all came out terrible, but it was so neat in there.  On the way out I noticed a market area.  I have never seen one of these markets anywhere but the Dominican Republic.  It is one of those markets that have fresh cheese, fresh fish, fresh meat, etc.  It smelled bad in there, and it was so busy, I could hardly make it through.  Once I was back on the street, I took a look at my GPS on the Android.  I decided to do some shopping.  I heard someone mention the American Girl store.  MaKenna doesn't have an American Girl, but she does have a Journey doll, which is just a generic American Girl, so I looked it up on GPS, and I headed toward fifth avenue.  I decided to walk to save money on my PATH and train card.  It was a long walk but so nice to see.  I was looking for famous people, but I kept focusing on the buildings more.  Did I mention that last night I saw former mayor Rudy Giuliani?  I didn't say anything to him though.  I did see some paparazzi but I didn't recognize anybody that they were photographing.  I finally made it to the American Girl store.  It was four HUGE floors of just dolls and accessories.  Cam, who is scare of dolls, would have never survived this store.  I took tons of pictures for MaKenna.  I called Deana to see if she wanted me to get anything for Hannah.  We talked for awhile, then I picked a nice outfit out for Hannahs bitty baby for her birthday.  Then I got some accessories for MaKenna for Christmas and some really cute outfits.  Then I was in the shopping mood.  So I decided to go to FAO Scwartz.  Neat store, but I didn't find anything there that I couldn't live without.  I took a few pictures though, like the giant piano that Tom Hanks played on in the movie "Big", etc.  

After that I walked to Central Park again, a different part of Central was right across the street.  I had to sit for awhile, my feet and legs were hurting pretty bad.  Every night of our trip so far, I've had to take a bath to soak my feet and legs.  Anyway, I sat there for awhile and just watched people.  Then I called Jeff.  He said he'd be working late.  I thought maybe I would go to Little Italy or Chinatown to eat dinner. I wasn't sure though.  It had started getting dark, and I can remember Mary saying that New York City is safe as long as you're not out alone after dark and aware of your surroundings....which I most certainly was not.  So I started walking towards Times Square.  I had to stop at Walgreens to get some....womanly needs.  I went to the Walgreens in the middle of Times Square.  It was an itty bitty box of a store, but it was five floors!  It was crazy!  Then I took more pictures of Times Square.  At one point I was even walking faster than a fire truck and ambulance trying to get through with their sirens on.  I would not want to have a heart attack in New York City....or at least Manhattan. I saw lots of limos and black SUVs.  By now it was dark, so I knew I had to head back....but I saw the Bubba Gump restaurant and I had to stop and get some souvenirs for everyone.  It was then that I decided to have a Bubba Gump 4th birthday party for Major!  I've called him Bubba Gump since day one of his life, I felt it was appropriate.  So I went and bought a shirt for everyone.  Including Major that said, "my mama says I'm special." I also got a pen, a bag and a stuffed shrimp for Maj.  Then I thought I should head to the PATH train.  It took awhile to get back to Jersey.  The train was packed. I sat next to a pregnant woman and her three year old son.  We talked a little bit, it made me miss Major. Once I hit Jesey soil, I ran to our room and grabbed Jeff.  We decided to go to Azucar, the Cuban restaurant down the street.  We got there and got seated right away.  The food was INCREDIBLE!!  Azucar was featured on the Food Network. And rightfully so.  It was AWESOME!  After dinner, I had to buy a cigar for my dad.  He loved that Dominican cigar I brought him, so I thought we would try this one!  Then we went back to the room and I took my nightly soak.  What a wonderful end, to a wonderful three days!

Below....the Smithsonian.
 Brownstone Homes.
 The Dino in the Museum of Natural History.
 Dum Dum.
 The Lego Store.
 Grand Central Station.
 Grand Central Station Market.
 American Girl Store.
 FAO Swartz.
 Doing his job....
 Where I sat to relax....
 Just thought this was cool.
 I had to go to the NHL store for the men in my life....I even got to see a broadcast for the NHL Network.
 Bubba Gump....
 Right outside the PATH Train.

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