Monday, January 2, 2012


Here are some funnies to start the New Year out with!!!

Major said to me the other day when he saw a cloud of smoke coming out of a factory, "Mommy...there is a cloud close enough to go to heaven on and see your mommy!"

Jake asked if he could have cheese and crackers for the advertiser.....HA! Of course...he MEANT Appetizer!

Major has been lovin' playing Lego Indiana Jones on Wii lately.  Today he asked me while I was getting lunch ready, "Mommy...can I play Indian and Jones?  SO CUTE!

When Major says he needs to "Pause" something, he says, "Clause".

After a snow Storm on Saturday, we were halfway to church on Sunday when he says,"(gasp) snowed EVERYWHERE!". Once we got to church he says," snowed at church too!!!!"

Everytime Major sees a nativity scene he says, "Mom.....look, it's baby Moses!"

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