Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hi all!!!  We are home and have been for a little over a week...but we have been POOPED!  So sorry this is a slow post to get written!  Between just getting enough rest, and getting over being sick from being way too tired...and getting ready for school which starts tomorrow...we have just been SOOOO busy!  I FINALLY have all the pictures up and edited.  You can find them on my facebook page, my profile is tonya stutzman filleman.  I plan on posting my favorites on the site, but I also plan on having a running slide show on the left had side.  I have the pictures uploaded to Picasa, but for whatever reason the albums don't want to cross to the blog.  So I have to do some tweaking!  I also have about a 50 page journal that I wrote while there...actually...probably longer.  I wrote about 10 pages a day...they were smaller pages...so, I have about 100 pages of journaling to share...but don't worry...I won't share it all!  I will just go through my journal and highlight the day!  I will go day by day though, as I plan on using this blog as a bit of a diary for the kids when they get older too of what they/we have done!  So sit back, relax and TUNE IN!  I would encourage you to subscribe if you haven't already.  You can do that on the sidebar.  That way the e-mail comes directly to you and you don't have to worry about logging into blogger every day!  I should get the first of 10 posts up by tomorrow some time!!!  CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE ALL THE FABULOUS THINGS GOD HAS DONE IN OUR LIVES AND THE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE IN THE DOMINICAN!!!  GOD IS GOOD!!!!

The picture above was taken on the say from Santo Domingo to San Juan.  We flew into Santo Domingo....stayed the night there as we got in after midnight.  The next morning we left for San Juan at 9 am.

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