Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Kids are in School....

I know I sent this to some of you on e-mail....but thought I'd put it on my blog for memories!  This was last Monday....it was a long hard week, but they are starting to get into the swing of things....as am I!

After bawling last night at midnight after finishing their lunches....I got up at 6, made breakfast and send Jake off walking to Andersen Middle School at 7:15 with his friend Nicoli.....next was Cam.  I sent him off walking at 7:30 to his freshman year of high school at Millard South High School with his friends Maddie and Cannan.  I thought that would be hard.....but it wasn't bad.  It was weird....but not bad.  Uncle Danny...he starts football tonight!  He wanted me to tell you!  Next at 8am, I started walking with MaKenna and Major to Neihardt Elementary school for 3rd grade and Kindergarten.

Major was a chatter box all morning and super excited...until we got on school grounds.  Suddenly he clammed up.  This NEVER happens.  MaKenna did just fine of course.  However, for the first time EVER, we had a power struggle over what she would wear this morning.  Yes....there were even tears....from her.  I have NEVER had an issue with her and clothes.  For some reason this morning she tried 4 different outfits on and I had to redo her hair 3 times!  She also tried on several different shoes.  What has my daughter become?????

And they were off.  Major has the Spiderman backpack.  He never looked back.  I cried....a little since I had forgotten my sunglasses and I knew lots of people there...so I choked the tears back as much as I could....until I started walking home.  As soon as the crowd cleared and it was just me, myself and I walking home....I let it loose.....

I realized that this was the first time I had ever walked this road from Neihardt with no hand holding mine........it was a long walk home......*sniff sniff*.

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