Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day #3, DR Trip

July 29th, 2012...Domingo (Sunday)

Today we woke up and put on jeans ( this humidity!), to work in the field for Miguels property.  We were digging a hole....a HUGE hole for a septic tank.  They hope to live on this land someday.  Some of us dug and some of us weeded around the plants, flowers and trees and watered them.  It was exhausting because it was SO hot.  There was a drunk guy walking around the perimeter the whole time trying to tell us how to do it better.  We were told to stay back from the fence by Miguel in case he tried to grab us.  It was only 9 in the morning!  We were done with that around noon and we cleaned up the house really nice before lunch.  Lunch was La Bandera again (yum)!  We rested only for about 30 minutes before we had to go out and start VBS with the kids in Hautico.  Our story was Creation.  We had about 50 kids there....but before they came we walked around and invited them all.  We talked to a lot of families.  They gave me the translator who doesn't know a lot of English again because between the two of us we do well together.  His name is Isaiah.  He's super nice.  We got to one house where there were boys riding a Donkey.  I said, "Como se llama tu Burro?  They said, ".....BURRO!"  It was funny, obviously they had no name for this donkey.  So we all sat down to talk with the family and the boys asked Cam and Adam if they wanted to ride the Burro and they did!  It was awesome!  Soon we went back to La Iglesia and played with frisbees, jumprope and bubbles. Then we started VBS.  We had a great time!  After VBS we had church.  Cam had a little buddy named Andi who was sitting by him and kept pretending to beat him up.

Before church started though, there was this man.  He came up to me and got about 3 inches from my face and started telling me about what a good baseball player he was.  He kept rambling so I got Lorene, another translator, to come over.  She told me to walk away because he was being inappropriate.  Then during church he sat next to Cam, who was next to me.  Cam got upset and told me to move...but I didn't and he was fine.  Church was fabulous.  I really enjoyed it, though we were very tired.  After, we prayed for the people around us.  It was a super late night because we were all gross and needed to bucket shower.  It was after midnight when we went to bed.  6:45 comes very quickly!

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